Same Date Disasters Indicates Warning by Allah

Natural disasters taking place on the same day of the month becomes a strange coincidence. A TV News reports about many earthquake in the past and Tsunami taking place on the 26th has opened a new debate on the media. However, it only indicates towards the warnings of Allah for sinners.

Win the sinners increase on the earth, the anger of Allah becomes very heavy and it comes in the shape of natural disasters. An Earthquake or Tsunami only comes when Allah becomes angry towards the man. To show His anger for our sins and to make us example Allah puts us in problems.

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These problems in the shame of natural disasters are also warnings for us. First Allah tries to teach us by small warnings and when we do not listen to his orders and do not leave the path of sins. A bigger earthquake or a Tsunami comes and punish us in blink of an eye.

No one becomes aware of what has happened and everything gets destroyed into the natural disaster. Earthquake and Tsunami takes everything with them and makes us an example for others. However, no one still learn lessons from these severe example and gets involve into many things which are not liked by Allah.

We should listen to these warnings by Allah and start walking of the true path otherwise, the smaller earthquake and Tsunami will convert into bigger punishments. One day we will also disappear into the time with some kind of natural disasters and no one will know us other than an example of bad deeds.

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