Dubai Lady Flies Sports car in UAE

One can often get surprised watching Arab girls dressed in traditional black, zipping through to streets of Dubai is shining black Sports car. Nahla Al Rustamani; 23years old marketing executive has become the first woman in UAE to drive a Ferrari in car racing. It was never listened before those Arab girls can drive sports car as well. To drive a Ferrari, one needs a big heart and usually women in Dubai are considered not very brave. This passion and bravery was given to the young Arab ladies by Nahla al Rustamani. She has done a remarkable effort in achieving this position. Nahla has spent almost three years to collect money to buy a Ferrari.

Nahla has also become an example for other Arab girls to become part of UAE F1 team. She will drive a Ferrari F1 in sports car racing competition very soon. Nahla spends hours every day in Dubai Sports city preparing for the competition. She has been passionate to become a F1 driver since childhood. The dream will become real very soon for her.

Watching a woman driver flaying a Ferrari among men must be unique and amazing to watch. Other Arab Girls are very often seen in the streets of Dubai driving wonders. However, in UAE, having a sports car for any youngster has not been a problem anymore now. There was a time when sports and luxury cars were very expensive and difficult to purchase. Dubai Government has done a remarkable effort in bringing the vehicle prices in reach of everyone. Arab Girls and boys can purchase Sports car easily these days with the help of bank financing.

Nahla Al Rustamani has given a new passion to the young Arab girls in Dubai. She has become the first woman to take part in the sports car racing. Nahla has spent earnings of her life to buy a Ferrari car. She drives at lightning speed every night and surprise people passing them in a blaze.

There are several other things in young Arab girls which surprise everyone in Dubai. However, watching anyone in a sports car driving seat becomes a wonder. Nahla Al Rustamani is also part of the UAE Formula one race team and soon she will be seen driving in a race somewhere around the world.

It was her childhood dream to become a sports car driver since she was a small child. Now it was not a dream for Nahla any more to fly a rocket in Dubai. She has become a unique example for other Arab Girls as well.

Nahla World at a private firm in Dubai and earns her living independently. She has done something unexpected which other Arab girls have never done before. These days Driving Sports car has become a passion of youth in UAE.

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